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Our Curriculum

As a science and maths specialist sixth form, our focus is on the key academic disciplines that will help our young people go on to be the doctors, engineers, technologists and scientists of the future.

A central aspect of the curriculum at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form is that all students study at least two of the following subjects:

•  Biology
•  Chemistry
•  Computing
•  Core Maths
•  Environmental Science
•  Further Mathematics
•  Mathematics
•  Physics
•  Psychology

Partnered with Jane Austen College

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form College partners with Jane Austen College to enable students to study a wide range of subjects, including all of the English, humanities and arts subjects listed below as a complement to our science and maths courses. There is more information about these subjects on the Jane Austen College website or please contact us.

•  Art and Design
•  Classics
•  Drama
•  English Literature
•  English Language
•  French
•  German
•  Geography
•  Graphics
•  History
•  Law
•  Music
•  Music Technology
•  Philosophy
•  Politics
•  Sociology
•  Spanish

This partnership of two specialist schools ensures that every student receives the best possible tuition in whatever subject combination they wish to take, and ensures all our students experience the widest range of interests and ideas.

Extended Project Qualification

In addition to A-levels, Sir Isaac Newton students may choose to complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The EPQ introduces students to the rigorous process of research and allows them to apply these skills in a subject area of their choice. It is an excellent qualification, providing a superb grounding for the research demands faced as an undergraduate. 

Read our curriculum policy for more information.

To find out more about our curriculum, please contact us.

We're part of the Inspiration Trust and share their knowledge-rich curriculum. We make sure our curriculum is inclusive and accessible for all of our students. Read our principles to find out more about how we achieve this.