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During this course you will build on your knowledge of the laws of physics, applying your understanding to solve problems on topics ranging from sub-atomic particles to the entire universe.

Practical skills are embedded throughout all the content of the course, ensuring you develop a range of practical skills in preparation for the written examinations.

You will be introduced to the important conventions and ideas that permeate the fabric of physics. Understanding of physical quantities, S.I. units, scalars and vectors help our physicists to effectively communicate their ideas and to model the motion of objects using mathematics. You will also learn about the important connection between force and energy, appreciate how forces cause deformation, and understand the importance of Newton’s laws of motion. You will apply the important principle of conservation of energy to a range of situations.

Electrons, electric current, electrical circuits, wave properties, electromagnetic waves and, of course, quantum physics are studied together with the fields of astrophysics and cosmology.

Assessment at the end of Year 13 takes the form of three written papers, one of which is a synoptic paper covering content from both years. (OCR)

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