Admission Appeals

If you are refused a place at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form you have the right to appeal. 

Appeal Process: 

  1. Download the Admissions Appeal form or contact the Sixth Form and ask for a copy of the form.
  2. Complete and return the appeal form for the attention of the Principal, with any additional supporting information, within 20 school days from the date of notification that your application was unsuccessful. 
  3. The Principal will investigate the application and inform the applicant of the result of the appeal within 20 school days of receipt of the appeal letter. If the Principal is unable to consider the appeal due to any conflict, your appeal will be considered by the Secondary Director of the Inspiration Trust.
  4. If the applicant is not happy with the Principal’s decision they will be offered the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel. They must notify in writing the Company Secretary of the Inspiration Trust of their intention to appeal within 20 school days of receipt of the letter from the Principal. The Company Secretary can be contacted via