Teacher Training

Teacher Training for Primary

If you’re interested in becoming a primary school teacher, our courses at the National Institute of Teaching@Inspiration Trust are the perfect start to your career in teaching. We offer primary education courses age 5-11 in which you will be fully supported, both in the classroom and outside of it.

Throughout your training you will have a personal mentor, who is an experienced teacher, to oversee the school-based element of your training year. They will support you, be a model of effective practice, observe your teaching and meet with you weekly. 

There will be regular advice and guidance on strategies to promote wellbeing and safeguard against instances of mental and physical ill-health. Support might take the form of 1:1 meetings with a Lead mentor or Wellbeing Officer or Intensive Practice on key areas e.g. behaviour management of children.

Teaching in primary schools is a truly rewarding experience, helping children in their formative years gain confidence and an understanding of the world around them. Join our mission to improve the lives of local children. 

Teacher Training for Secondary

If you’re passionate about supporting children by training to become a secondary school teacher, then Inspiration Teach Training courses are the ideal way to do so. With the ability to specialise in various subjects, you can inspire the next generation in the subject which inspires you. Our Secondary courses cover 11-16. This means you will have experience across these age ranges. There are also opportunities for trainees to teach at Key Stage 5, if appropriate to their subject.

Share your passion and knowledge with the next generation. Teaching is a rewarding career, and whilst challenging at times, we help you build resilience to enable you to support those who need your help. 

Primary and Secondary Teacher Training Courses