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Further Maths

Further mathematics is a second full A-level in mathematics, useful for students considering mathematics at university, but also for students going on to study subjects that have a very high mathematical content, such as physics, engineering, or economics. In further maths, students study additional pure mathematics topics, such as complex numbers, matrices, and proof; there is a strong emphasis on problem solving. 

The topics studied in further maths are at least as stretching as those in A-level maths; students are expected to build a deeper understanding so they can make links between all the content studied, and apply their knowledge effectively when solving difficult problems. Our further maths students study A-level further maths as a full timetabled subject alongside their other subjects. For students considering studying maths at Oxbridge we provide support to develop the deeper problem-solving skills required for the MAT and STEP entrance exams. (OCR-A)

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