Laura Bowater MBE, Professor of Microbiology, shares message with Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form students

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18th Nov 2020 Back

Here at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, we are extremely proud of the high number of young people moving onto study STEM subjects - especially our work to encourage women to pursue a career in STEM. 

Professor Laura Bowater MBE, Inspiration Trust Governor, was Laura Bowater
named on the Queen’s  Birthday Honours List for services to research and education in antimicrobial resistance. 

She has shared a message with our students:

“Never let your gender, or any other of your characteristics, dictate what you think you should be aiming for.

"Everybody has the potential to make a profound change within the scientific community. We’ve come a long way and women are much better represented within the community but there is always space - we want to continue to build on this with the next generation.

"We’re continually working hard to eliminate the stigma and I urge you to consider any aspect of science, whether that's chemistry, biology or engineering. 

"This last year has shown us how utterly important science is. We have made fantastic advances over the years but so many challenges are still prevalent. Combatting antimicrobial resistance, climate change and food security is going to need all the curious minds of the next generation on board! 

"We’ve made huge progress moving glass ceilings but we will always need more role models. I encourage you to consider a career in science and research, it’s a fantastic career choice. The scientific community welcomes you.”

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