Sir Isaac Newton celebrate Maths week

26th Nov 2019 Back

Maths specialists at Sir Isaac Newton share their love for maths across the Inspiration Trust.

On the 14th November, Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form’s Tom Marjoram Teacher Subject 
Specialist Training (TSST) co-ordinator and maths outreach lead organised an event for all of the Primary Schools in the Trust to take part in maths week, with over 40 students attending, ranging from year 3 to year 5. 

When asked why the team decided to organise the event Tom said: ‘We did it because we love maths and wanted to celebrate maths week, we hope that the events and activities were some that the students really enjoyed and hopefully also appreciated and gained even more of that love of maths’. 

Five sessions took place on the day; ‘Space Maths’ with Graham Coleman (Director of achievement and recruitment), ‘Problem Solving’ with Tom Majoram,  ‘More problem solving’ with Rob Jackets (Director of Maths at Sir Isaac Newton), ‘Game Theory’ with Sean Powell (Inspiration Trust’s Director of  Maths)and ‘Puzzle’ with the Maths Hub. 
Each session was 45 minutes long and was planned to engage the students and be very hands on.

After a successful event, when speaking about the benefits of the day Tom said: ‘The benefit was for the students to appreciate seeing maths in a different environment and they seemed to all really enjoy the day!’