Ten top tips for studying at home

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1st Apr 2020 Back

Our schools have put together their top ten tips for parents while their child is studying at home.

  • Establish a work station if you can. Have a specified area for books and stationery so that your child can develop a ‘working mindset’.
  • Talk to your child about creating a routine timetable for working and make a timetable together. Split subjects into chunks.
  • Build-in breaks and rewards for working. 
  • Limit ‘leisure-screen-time’ (computer games, mobile phone use) during the day but negotiate times for relaxation and screen time later.
  • Mix online work with bookwork, reading and paper-based resources so that the learning medium is varied.  Too much screen work can be tiring.
  • Have a regular time for getting up and dressed on ‘school days’ so that routine is maintained.
  • Remind them that remote learning is not ‘holiday time’. It's really important that young people continue with their education.
  • Schedule ‘family time’ (‘home movie’ night, cooking, playing a board game etc.) so that you are also having fun together.
  • Make sure your child is only communicating with staff and students through the school portals (Google Classroom, Google Hangouts) so that they are safe. You can also read our Internet safety information if you need help.
  • Be patient and look after mental well-being.  Try to remain calm if an activity doesn’t go to plan.  Communicate with staff and ask questions. We have published a list of mental health and wellbeing resources.