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Vice Principal's Welcome

Jarrold, Rachel2Our pastoral system will support you while you are studying at Sir Isaac. If you have special educational needs and disabilities, we will work closely with you and your family to support you in school. Your form tutor, teachers and our academic and pastoral mentors are all here to make sure your needs are met.

The pastoral mentor prides himself on knowing our young people well and works alongside the teaching and support staff, as well as aiming to develop positive relationships with the students and their families. Our pastoral mentor also works closely with our academic mentor. Our academic mentor will support you with skills that promote successful study including organisation, time management, revision and life skills.

At Sir Isaac, you will receive five hours of teaching in each subject, each week with most students following a 16 hour timetable each week. As well as your lessons you will also complete tasks, prepare for lessons and revisit material and should aim to spend at least as much time studying outside lessons as you do in the classroom. 

This level of study can be daunting but teachers are always willing to help you organise your time effectively and help you to make the most of your school day. The flexibility of our timetable means that you can attend extra lessons, catch up on lessons you might have missed and get ahead of trickier content. In essence, you can tailor-make your timetable to suit you.

All students at Sir Isaac belong to a form. You’ll find that the students in your form follow the same subjects as you and will be in some of your classes too. This means that you will build good friends and strong support networks in and out of your lessons. Your form meets for one hour every week and is a really valuable part of your education. Your form tutor will help you with study skills, organisation as well as university, apprenticeship and employment applications. 




Rachel Hunter Jarrold

Vice Principal