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Alongside our curriculum, our electives programme gives you a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities ranging from highly academic activities such as our STEP maths support program to sports such as table tennis and football. Oxbridge Society will introduce you to aspirational universities whilst if you want to be a medic, dentist, allied health professional or a vet, then there is a society for you. 

Our electives will encourage you to explore your ambitions and interests, boost your university application, provide academic and volunteering opportunities, and offer fun activities and an environment in which to relax and meet new friends.

We encourage you to play a full part in our local community. You might choose reading or maths support with secondary school students, engage with young people with special educational needs, or organise charity events.

You can show the breadth of your interests through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Nuffield Scholarship and a range of university summer schools and work experience ventures. Recognised by universities, these courses offer you the chance of further independent study and exploration of new subjects.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities through our electives and society programme.


Societies are an opportunity for students to meet with like-minded people and discuss the latest developments in their field of interest. The medical society and debating society are two examples of the many on offer. Experts are also invited in regularly to support and guide our students through their discussions. Societies are student-led, with staff support, and chosen by the students.

One specific society is focused on Oxbridge. The Oxbridge society is a chance for like-minded individuals to get together to discuss their aspirations, share ideas on applications, and support each other through the Oxbridge application process.

We are passionate about student leadership at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form and so encourage students to set up their own societies. Students should speak to Mr Jennings if they would like to set up their own society.

Work Experience

We encourage our students to participate in work experience whilst at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form and support our students with finding the right experience for them. Our academic mentor will be able to support any student to find relevant work experience for their chosen career or university course.


Electives are an opportunity for students to participate in a wide variety of extra activities. These are as diverse as GCSE astronomy, chess club, glee club, and cooking club. Some electives are annual courses, other changes termly. Students are informed of electives through assemblies and form time.

Student views are extremely important and so if a student would like a specific elective to be offered they are encouraged to speak to a member of staff.


We encourage students to take part in sport as a great way of keeping fit and developing new friendships. It can also be valuable for university admission, showing a broader character than academic results alone.

Our electives programme includes a wide and frequently changing range of sports activities. Students at Sir Isaac make use of top-flight sporting facilities at the University of East Anglia Sportspark and at The Hewett Academy.

Teams regularly take part in competitions against other local sixth forms.