Enrichment Lessons

Following on from the success of our Enrichment Lesson programme run in collaboration with Maths Week England 2022 (14th November - 18th November), we are excited to announce that we will be making our sessions available throughout the academic year to schools across Norfolk.

Read below for more information about the lessons available and how to register.

Members of our team of expert teachers are offering visits to schools in Norfolk to deliver lessons on enriching maths. The sessions are designed to last an hour in length for one class of approximately 30 students and can be delivered to schools during maths lessons or after-school. The topics available are as follows and can be tailored to match the age range and ability of the students:

Patterns & Fractals 

Exploring patterns which are commonly seen in mathematics and how these can lead into the wonderful world of fractals. Suitable for Year 5+.

A Game of Sprouts

Learning to play the game created by John Conway & Michael Paterson, students will discover the maths behind the game and where this maths can lead. Suitable for Year 3+.

A Prisoner’s Dilemma

Investigating a branch of mathematics called game theory and how it relates to a variety of games leading to the famous prisoner’s dilemma. Suitable for Year 4+.

The Great Race

A horse race based on dice rolls and outcomes, which horse is lucky and whether this always holds true. Students will look into probability, but understand it cannot always be guaranteed. Suitable for Year 4+.

The Maths Behind Encrypted Messaging

Discovering how prime numbers are used to allow money and messages to be sent securely over the internet. Students will also explore the mathematics of modulo arithmetic. Suitable for Secondary Only.

Domino Patterns

Inspired by the NRich activity. Suitable for Primary Only.

We currently have a waiting list for this opportunity. To register your interest in a session, please contact our Outreach Team at outreach@isaacnewtonsixthform.co.uk

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