Clearing Opens

Clearing Opens
2021 5th Jul / 19th Oct

Clearing opens today with UCAS.  Full details HERE

Last week a senior university admissions officer told the Guardian, “There will be some very good offers indeed in Clearing if you have your wits about you”.

Sir Isaac students supported by their Unifrog account and the new Clearing Tool

Clearing tool 

Students in Year 13 will now see a new Clearing tool at the top of their Unifrog homepage when they log in! 

The tool allows them to start to research and favourite Clearing courses so that when they log in on Results day, they'll know exactly which universities to contact.

Each course profile has direct links to university Clearing pages as well as loads of extra information to help students make an informed decision such as average graduate salary, drop out rate, and student welfare ranking:

Clearing isn't just for students who miss their grades! It can also be used by students who:

  • Get better grades than expected and want to 'trade up' their place
  • Choose to 'self release' themselves into Clearing to find an alternative course
  • Are applying for the first time this cycle
  • Didn't receive any offers from the universities they originally applied to

To take advantage of Clearing this year, our new tool will help students get ahead of the game so they're in the best position possible on Results day. Click the link to find out more.